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- Rant about all God's creations.
- Find cure for thassophobia and Branding.

Did we say branding ? What else you ask ?
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About Us

Whitespace Brand Consulting or WSBC is a Bangalore based strategic brand-consulting firm offering full-fledged Brand and Branding related services. WSBC strongly believes in making every potential brand well recognized, aspirational and one of the most admired brands in the market. We are not here to revolutionize or change the view on branding. Based on a holistic and insightful understanding of the clients products, key markets, business and brand issues, we offer them very sensible and effective solutions that are client and situation specific, which works very well in the constantly changing Indian market.

What we do

We offer a host of services under three key divisions.
Depending on the type of business, nature of product or service, product lifecycle stage, a pragmatic brand solution is offered.
All of these could be put under the three broad titles:

Our work

Some of our featured work

The White Space Philosophy

In this forever cluttered market space with a million brands baying for that elusive customer’s attention ™, WSBC aims to help all potential Indian brands to occupy that ‘whitespace’ – the holy grail that all brands aspire to occupy. A killer business acumen and sound marketing plan may not be enough to create a great brand that endures. This is where WSBC fills in the gap – We know you hate cookie cutter solutions – So we burn the midnight oil and fry our grey cells in an effort to study the problems unique to you. Our in – house experts are a unique breed of logical and magical beasts who toil to give you perfection. i.e., Strategic brand consulting powered by specific trademarked modules that will:

— Help brands grow and flourish
— Help brands differentiate from competition and be as fresh as ever.
— Help brands become admired icons by unlocking it’s true potential

What clients say?

White Space has successfully managed to bring alive the Brillio brand in our offices, making a positive difference to employees! They did....
Jayanth S


Our Clients