We offer a host of services under three key divisions. Depending on the type of business, nature of product/service or product lifecycle stage, a pragmatic brand solution is offered. All of these could be put under the three broad titles:

Brand Genesis™       Brand Realization       Brand communication

Brand Genesis ™

This module is the key module, which will define the DNA of the brand. It’ s an extensive phase where everything about the business is defined very clearly. This well defined articulate strategy will be the basis for either re-printing the Brand DNA or growing the seedling into a towering tree. This module can be applied for a start-up firm to chart out a growth path for itself or can be a course alignment for an existing business to re-focus on its ‘Vision’. Brand Genesis in itself consists of two major phases :

Brand Strategy    &   Brand Design

Brand Strategy

Help businesses to define the future of their brand through the definition of their powerful value propositions. This can be for both existing and new Brands. This framework metamorphoses your brand through the various stages as described.

Brand Research

In–depth understanding of the client business, market opportunity, current issues with business/brand.

Brand Naming

Articulation of the brand DNA, symbolizing the value propositions projected by brand and having a nomenclature for the same.


Defining the core of the brand.

Brand Theme

Giving your brand a personality, values, cause and a vision to root for and articulation of the brand DNA, symbolizing the value propositions projected by brand.

Brand Positioning

Cutting through the clutter to align with consumer expectations and mapping the brand onto mind-space.

Brand Attributes

Defining the visual /verbal that resonates with business and target audiences.

Brand Architecture

Creating a monolithic unified approach for your brand or diversifying your brand if the portfolio is not aligned.

Brand Design

Giving brands its expression through the design of identity, environments, packaging, products and interactive presence. The various elements in design are:

Corporate Branding

Our favorite playground, we are never happier than when dabbling in corporate identities – working on complete brand Identity projects give us a high that even Tequila sunrise Jell– O shots can’t match.

Product Branding

Launching a new product in the market? We can help. A process that we believe is not far removed from bringing up a baby – we start with naming, dressing it up, helping it through its first steps, learning and adapting from our micro– and macro–environment. In short, we can help ignite that spark of life, giving your product a distinctive voice, look and feel. Sticking true to the etymological definitions of “brand”, we sear that burning image into the minds of your target customer segment.


Words in all their hues and forms appeal to us. We go crazy creating names and giving that “tone of voice” while living in with the guidelines, for almost anything. Word Wizards, Name Crafts, Brand Smiths – We feed an army of them monsters in-house at WSBC.

Visual Identity

Logotypes, Color Palettes, Typography and all applications that help you get that “looks to kill for” – We specialize in all this.

Corporate Design

Rolling out an integrated multi-channel marketing communication campaign that does justice to your “iconic” brand? Can’t get a better driver than us! We specialize in creating a unique brand look and feel with distinctive graphic anchors, templates and tone of voice that will bring out the character.

Brand Experience Environments

Bringing in the charisma of the brand into the walls of your office and other inanimate materials is a challenge right up our alley. We make sure that desk and the wall in your corporate office croon to you about the company values, philosophies, the total works..Ahem, let’s say just about anything that the brand believes in.

Digital Communication & Design – Internet

In today’s “wired 3.0” world, with multiple interaction touch-points to your target customer, the internet forms a core component of your brand launch: Digital brand experience through websites, social media, blitzkrieg digital campaigns, animations. Rest assured, ‘ you are in good hands’ all the way – from ideation to delivery of such digital assets.

Information Design

Information design is yet another specialized area of operation which requires a good level of detailing and understanding of the process and practices of a corporate firm which is promoting the brand. We believe that anything from a KYC (Know Thy Customer!) form to more complicated Industrial credit or perhaps an Agri-loan form needs a flow of information that is not taxing and easy to comprehend for the consumer. We call it the BLISS process. Bring Levels to Ideal, Simple and Structured.

Brand Realization

This module kicks in after completion of Brand Genesis™. The goal is to put your brand assets to work – ensuring that the brand relevance is driven among the concerned stakeholders in any complex ecosystem. For larger corporate houses where there is already an existing Brand identity both strategic and creative, often this module is run after a quick diagnostic study and basic research. The following are the various stages implemented:

Internalization of Corporate Brand value
Employee Value Proposition
Systems and practice management
Internal communications
Consumer touch point alignment
Launch platform for the Brand Consultant
Conversion of Strategies into action points
Setting-up teams and goals at every level

Brand Communication

We partner with the client to live the brand values and communicate the brand’s promise to its key stakeholders. Often seen as advertising, we at WSBC do not work the conventional way, but explore and identify alternative routes to reach out to the target audience of our client. The brand essence need to be conveyed to the audience in a manner and format that they will be receptive to and also react. At the brand communication level, there are various elements that are offered for the client which are broadly under the following:

Print Advertising
Television Advertising
Online and digital advertising
Direct mailer
Radio Advertising
Product Launch
Corporate film
Tactical advertising