Diving straight into it, working from home a boon or bane? The pandemic has taught the working world to adjust to a model that we never saw coming and now it’s here to stay. Wrapping your head around a space that is your home and work can be a fine line to define. While it definitely is keeping our loved ones and us safe, it can be hard to jump the fence to play different roles every now and then. However, working from home can offer opportunities to cultivate a better work life balance and tailor your day according to your needs.

The bright side of it – Saving your precious time on commute is one of the
biggest gifts received from working at home. Staying close to your family during rough patches help to maintain a stable mind that reaps benefits of productivity. Working from your comfort zone decreases stress while paying more attention to a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right. A flexible schedule with no office distractions can work wonders too.

The downside of it A lack of willpower and motivation can lurk in without having your colleagues by your side to pat you on the back or tell you off when necessary. Sticking to a routine is hard and productivity can reduce if you have constant activities to tend to at home. Communication can pose to be a problem with information gaps or iffy Wi-Fi. One size does not fit all, so efficiency depends from person to person and their surroundings. Research says that work hours have increased with this model as people find it hard to disconnect from work making it a never-ending cycle.

The effect on employee wellbeing – Working from home is a challenge; a work place is a community that gives us a sense of belonging and shared purpose. While employees are isolated at home it is hard to maintain relationships with coworkers with lesser activities to bond over. Team dynamics and work culture suffer without having to brainstorm ideas and thus execution takes longer. Stress and anxiety can replace productivity and efficiency. Quality of life alters due to excess fatigue and strain for those who cannot manage boundaries. Role clarity can be clouded with various jobs on ones plate.

How to tackle the stress – Having open conversations with the team can help in setting clear expectations. De-cluttering your mind through exercise and engaging in activities that soothe your mind will improve productivity. Interacting with each other to discuss social matters can empower team morale, having monthly activities help get to know each other for team building. Tuning into yourself and trusting other employees to do their job is a step in the right direction.

Tools to boost employee productivity – Employee enhancement tools are a great way to make sure that employees make the most of work at home.
Performance indicators, technical support, team networking and training are essential for smooth functioning of work. Measuring productivity is a strong motivational factor for employees to strive for the best. Touching base and laying out specific objectives and deadlines to achieve will make it easier to contribute to a company’s goals, hence management by objective is an important factor. Another effective and direct tool would be quantitative measurement method where data can be measured through different software. Measuring productivity through profit can go a long way to calculate the progress of an employee, when revenue increases employees are being productive.

Why measure productivity – It is an excellent way for a company to improve profit margins, identify who their most valuable employees are, identifying skills that stand out in employees and to bridge the gaps of miscommunication. In a work from home model, it is essential to track yourself and employees to make sure the company is in sync with its objectives.

The connect – The contribution of a company and an employee is an important factor to consider ensuring an upward growth for the overall business. Being interconnected, it is essential to see to that a conducive and productive environment is available for both to bring out true potential. Providing a safe and understanding work culture can be rewarding through which employees feel a sense of trust and warmth that will influence productivity at the end of the day. Incentives are another effective manner to boost employee performance, rewards and bonuses brightens the spirits of the workforce acting as a powerful positive reinforcement method. A strategy to incentivize employees not just through cash value, but to actually recognise them for their talents and hard work through meaningful recognition can help employees up skill and work for a
greater cause. Asking for suggestions and listening mindfully to what employees have to say are one of the best routes to success for a company to thrive.

The only way forward is to weigh out what works and doesn’t work and update the flow of work accordingly. What better way to check your productivity levels and see what’s best for your business? The answer is here and it’s time for that evaluation.

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