We partner with the client to live the brand values and communicate the brand’s promise to its key stakeholders. Often seen as advertising, we at WSBC do not work the conventional way, but explore and identify alternative routes to reach out to the target audience of our client. The brand essence needs to be conveyed to the audience in a manner and format to make it receptive and easy to react. At the brand communication level, there are various elements that are offered to the client which broadly falls into the following:

The goal of this module is to put your brand assets to work – ensuring that the brand relevance is driven among the concerned stakeholders in any complex ecosystem. All the corporate values and ethos the brand brings to the external world needs to be internally practiced first.

For larger corporate houses where there is already an existing Brand identity, both strategic and creative, this module is often run after a quick diagnostic study and basic research.

The following are the various stages implemented: