• Ensuring certainty during uncertain times.

    Our insight driven approach and accurate solutions have helped many businesses deliver great performance in a tough and unpredictable market condition.

  • Digital–first brand marketing solutions approach for VOX.

    VOX, one of the most innovative furniture and building material brands in Europe, partnered to establish their brand in Indian market.
  • Creating a distinctive advantage.

    Being a creative expert, we understand the power of creativity to build distinctive advantage to grow business.

  • Setting standards for a sensorial dining experience.

    Curating the brand experience right from naming to defining the entire brand experience for an award-winning restaurant in India.
  • Help brands become admired icons by unlocking their true potential.

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  • Created a compelling ‘Green Luxury’ brand that appeals the progressive affluent society.
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Whitespace Brand Consulting is one of the best branding agencies based in Bangalore. We are an integrated marketing agency for the digital world. We build powerful brand strategies, bold and imaginative creatives, performance oriented digital marketing plans for your brand. In a world where the pace of change is so constant it gets only harder to unlock the true potential of your brand. Our insights driven proprietary tools not just bring brands into life but it gets you great results also. We offer a host of services for startups, mid-size companies and larger corporations. Be it naming your brand to taking it to the market and making it famous and successful, or running a business process change management for a thousand plus employee company.


We offer a host of services under four key divisions. Depending on the type of business, nature of product/service or product lifecycle stage, a pragmatic brand solution is offered. All of these could be put under the four broad titles:




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Pride in creating some of the best brands across the world.


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We are a set of seasoned professionals who are not just innovators, experimenters or creative junkies, but those who can help organizations turn opportunity into action to build great businesses, across people, commerce, marketing, sales and service.

Sanju P Founder & Brand Strategist

Sanju P
Founder & Brand Strategist

Sanju has over 19 years of experience in Advertising and Brand Management.
His brand management experience began while working at Ray+Keshavan, currently known as Super Union, while handling large corporate make over like Canara Bank, Trident Hotels, J&K Bank, PunjLlyod, CEAT Tyres, SOMA, Infrastructure…

Ajai R Creative Director

Ajai R
Creative Director

Ajai is a gold medalist in BFA from Fine Arts College, Thiruvananthapuram.
He has 18 years of experience in brand design. He had a short stint at Microland and Infosys as web designer and communications designer and was with Icarus design for several years before moving to Whitespace. His..

Manu B  Brand Strategist

Manu B
Brand Strategist

Manu has 9 years of experience in the brand communication industry.
After completing his Post graduation in Marketing from University of Waikato, New Zealand, he worked with Fairfax Media NZ as a Client Servicing Specialist. He provided media consulting to clients across a variety of industries including legal…


To know about your brand’s current positioning and missing gaps, contact us for a free workshop.



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The ability to sustain: Sustainability and brand value

The ability to sustain: Sustainability and brand value

A word with a lot of buzz around it lately has come in to conquer businesses with its philosophy. Sustainability has an air around it which most people are turning their head towards. In recent years, consumers have consciously evolved to understand that their behaviour has a large impact on the environment, hence indulging in……

Quick tips to satisfy digital Age customers.

Quick tips to satisfy digital Age customers.

In simple terms, digital transformation is all about integrating digital technology into all areas of a business. The goal here is to make room for fundamental changes in how that business functions, and the way it adds value to its major customer base. Obviously, when it comes to satisfying customers in this digital age, every move- in……

The nitty-gritty of productivity while working from home

The nitty-gritty of productivity while working from home

Diving straight into it, working from home a boon or bane? The pandemic has taught the working world to adjust to a model that we never saw coming and now it’s here to stay. Wrapping your head around a space that is your home and work can be a fine line to define. While it definitely is keeping our loved ones and us safe, it can be hard to…..


  • Srinivas Varma, CMD, Avant Garde Homes

    “Sanju’s insights and enthusiasm to accurately understand the aspirations and vision I had and translate them into an overarching strategy for my brand was amazing. The stakeholder expectations were met very well with a fresh and clear path for a new brand to flourish and grow. He and his team with their rich experience have […]

    Srinivas Varma, CMD, Avant Garde Homes

  • Vaibhav Raj, Director, Aasman

    “Sanju and his team at Whitespace Brand Consulting are great listeners, they understood exactly what I was trying to achieve with my brand Aasman and I can’t stop praising their attention to detail.  I am absolutely thrilled to say that the working with them was absolutely smooth without any hiccups in any stages. I am […]

    Vaibhav Raj, Director, Aasman

  • Jayanth S, Vice President – Brillio

    “White Space has successfully managed to bring alive the Brillio brand in our offices, making apositive difference to employees! They did a remarkable job in the midst of crunched timelines thatinvolved extensive coordination with numerous partners. Sanju and his team’s creativity, patienceand attention to detail is simply amazing! Great work…”

    Jayanth S, Vice President – Brillio

  • Rajesh B Pillai, Founder – Eudora Wealth

    “I had approached Sanju of Whitespace Brand Consulting with clear vision and a strong business plan about my new business that I was planning to start. I asked him to help me develop my Brand plan and identity for the new firm and launch it in the market. Unlike many others who promised to get […]

    Rajesh B Pillai, Founder – Eudora Wealth


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