Brilliant workspaces

A rebranded Information Technology company, Brillio wanted to connect to its employees and engage them to understand its new brand value, philosophy and essence. It was easy to do a corporate presentation to all the employees in a big hall and get over with it, but as a company that cares about its employees, they wanted to make it a daily affair and not just a one-day event. WSBC had worked with Brillio to come up with environmental graphics to express its new set of values, and engage and inspire the employees. The wall graphics and key touch points of the entire office building at different geographic locations were developed and executed. Intensive mapping of the building was done many times to arrive at the most impactful locations and deliver the message very effectively to the employees. Specialised design anchors and other design elements were exclusively hand-crafted. Complete design and execution were done right from external signages to every corner of the building. Now the office does not have plain white walls but colorful walls that inspire them all day long to work better and feel better.