Resurrecting Wealth Management Post the Financial Crisis 2009

Banking & Wealth management sector was hit badly during the 2009 recession. Many financial institutions bit the dust and there was growing distrust among patrons of large financial institutions with the portfolio of money managed by them. “In such a scenario an individual, driven by the passion to perform, approached WSBC to create a new brand that could stand for differentiated offering to its customers.”
A 360-degree branded approach was taken to analyze the market and its customers to build that unique offering. Starting from naming the firm to developing its unique DNA and service offering were achieved. “A new brand system was put to practice and today it’s completed more than 5 years in the market and it’s one of the most successful and sought-after wealth management firms in South India.” Eudora Wealth has demonstrated to its customers the value of real relationship, rightly summed-up as: The science of wealth. The art of partnering.