Making everyone’s life sweeter

Lowkal, a low calorie sweetener has been in the market since 2009 but somehow got lost in the overcrowded artificial sweetener market. Even though it had natural ingredients, it was seen as just another sweetener in the market. WSBC was assigned the task of differentiating the product in the market and help get traction with consumers and drive growth. An in-depth understanding of the product and market was done to arrive at the positioning of the brand. A detailed consumer understanding and various insights from users and non-users were understood through research. Based on the elaborate product understanding and clear positioning of the brand, Lowkal was rebranded.
A new brand identity was created. A definitive and bold brand logo with a combination of white and wine red was created and along with that the curved language was developed for packaging that symbolically represents good health and healthy living. A bold packaging with a combination of wine red and orange, which represents life with a unique shape for the packaging, was done. This became a ready identity for consumers to recognize the brand. WSBC developed the entire range of product packaging with different variants and SKUs. The new brand identity and its refreshed packaging in the market has gained a lot of consumer attention and has helped the brand to clearly differentiate from any other product in its category. Lowkal has seen an improved sales and consumer awareness post its rebranding exercise.