The art of organic living

A year in the market Organa was just another juice brand in the retail shelves till they connected with WSBC. Sometimes stepping back and relooking at the brand in a holistic way helps the brand grow by leaps and bounds. This is exactly what WSBC did to Organa, an intensive 3-month exercise with a deep dive into the core aspects of the brand helped to create one of India’s first Organic bottled beverages. WSBC helped Mother India Farm’s beverage brand Organa in re-branding and re-launching itself. The new identity is a mark that assures its audience of 100% pure and certified Organic food. WSBC developed the packaging architecture and variant extension for Mango–Real and Refreshing, Apple, and Guava based organic fruit juices. WSBC also developed the label design for Mango fruit pulp. Another interesting offering from the band is its fruit bars, WSBC developed the packaging and pack architecture for all its fruit variants, viz. Mango, Mango–Carmalized and Guava. Today Organa is available not just in India but also is exported to other countries.