From visioning to wishing new customers

Having a business Vision is important, and converting that vision into a reality is even more important. Smaart Homes is the case study of the execution of a vision. WSBC started from the inception of the thought of the new business idea. Helped the client to articulate and fine-tune their vision. A study was commissioned to delve into the market and learn the current scenario to arrive at the solutions for consumers who faced multiple challenges while building their dream homes, and those customers who had purchased homes and wanted to do their interiors. Using strategic tools, a well-structured brand strategy was developed and created a simple and effective identity that reflected the multiple solution offering. The brand’s retail outlets had an ambitious plan to set up more than 50 plus stores across a single state in the country and expand it to the national level with many stores. All brand touch points at the retails level from scripting the telesales conversation to the manpower training were carried out. WSBC through this project has been instrumental in organizing the building construction materials industry and offer a unique solution to the people with the bundled offer of not just the product but also professional people along with the product.